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Ethiopia among the highest primary educ. coverages
IMF: Ethiopia progressing towards acheiving MDGs
Oromia achieves 42% health service coverage
177m worth medical equipment distributed
HIV interventions in Ethiopia encouraging
Ethiopia selected to show case success to MDGs
HAPCO draft plan for 100% ART coverage by 2010
Amhara region earmarks 108m for rural water supply
UNICEF: child mortality declining in Ethiopia
2200 nurses taking Health Officers' training
Health professionals urged to support Gov. efforts
1.3 million mosquito nets distributed in SNNP
Ethiopia made progress in reducing child deaths
More than 7000 households training on Family Health Extension Package
7500 new health exension workers to be trained this year (WIC)
HEP to be implemented in pastoralist areas
1800 rural villages get access to telephone
NEPAD to launch fresh milk feeding program (WIC)
HIV intervention bearing fruits (WIC)
1.4m people to get access to potable water (WIC)
More than two million children to be immunized this year
Prime Minister Meles visits the Millennium Village
UNICEF lauds efforts to prevent malaria (ENA)
Drugs donated to pre-empt water born diseases (WIC)
Close to 15m worth anti-malaria drugs distributed
WHO ambassador visits with health ext. workers
MoH to undertake malaria prevention, control in close to 5000 villages (WIC)
HAPCO implementing 'ambitious' programme (WIC)
DOTS reaches all health facilities in Ethiopia (WIC)
Gambela state to distribute above 100,000 bednets
State to implement HEP in 124 villages (WIC)
HEP benefiting many in Harari state (WIC)
Over 300m Birr earmarked for fighting HIV/AIDS in Oromia state (WIC)
Over 1/4 a million people protected from malaria in zone (WIC)
No. of VCT beneficiaries growing in Amhara (WIC)
State to raise health coverage by 10% (WIC)
Education coverage in pastoralist, semi-pastoralist areas encouraging (WIC)
125,000 bednets distributed in Somali State (WIC)
New health facilties gone operational in Amhara state
Increased effort to prevent blindness (IRIN)
Clinton launches AIDS program in Ethiopia
Efforts underway to preempt malaria epidemics in Tigray state (WIC)
Immunization delivered to 75% of under-one in Oromia state (WIC)
Over 5000 health posts to be constructed in Oromia state (WIC)
Efforts by the Clinton Initiative Project encouraging (ENA)
Amhara state undertaking extensive epidemic prevention work (WIC)
Primary education coverage grows by 14% in Somali state (WIC)
NGOs urged to consolidate efforts in prevention of HIV/AIDS (WIC)
Close to 200,000 benefiting from school feeding program in Amhara state
Over 35,000 PLWHAs taking ARVs (ENA)
Girl's primary school enroll-ment reaches 77% in SNNP
Acute water diarrhoea put under control in Gambella state (WIC)
Extensive works being carried out by MoH in the prevention and contol of malaria (WIC)
VCT centers reach 154 in Amhara state
No. of VCT beneficiaries doubles in Dire Dawa
Strategy to be designed for production of iodized salt (ENA)
New projects to reduce maternal, child mortality launched (WIC)
Polio case reported in Somali region (WIC)
Watery diarrhoea cases on the rise (IRIN)
School feeding program contributing to reduction in No. of dropouts (WIC)
Health service coverage reaches 58% in Somali State (WIC)
Primary school coverage reaches 89 percent (WIC)
Ethiopia set to contain wild polio virus spread (ENA)
Health bureau get mosquito nets in donation (WIC)
Ten hospitals to begin Telemedicine services (The Daily Monitor)
Integrating RH, HIV/ AIDS programs crucial (WIC)
Efforts intensified to curb HIV/ AIDS in Oromia state (WIC)
MoH distributes meningitis vaaccines to inoculate 2.2m
Ethiopia on the right track towards universal access
Ethiopia sends samples to Italy for bird flue test (Reuters)
Pathfinder provides fund for projects in 238 weredas (WIC)
UN set to undertake huge development projects in Ethiopia (XINHUA)
NGOs urged to strengthen role in reducing infant mortality (WIC)
MoH to train 770 health professionals in emergency obstetrical, surgical care (WIC)
Over 32,000 children benefiting from school feeding program in Somali state (WIC)
WHO supporting Ethiopia with introduction of new vaccines (WHO)
Ethiopia , the US and Global Fund form a new partnership
No. of Health institutions providing ART double in Amhara state (WIC)
Workshop emphasizes Media role in WASH campaign (ENA)
Malaria prevention work underway in zone (WIC)
NGO working to prevent HIV/AIDS (WIC)
Healthcare Technology Management Symposium conducted (ENA)
Bureau providing support for HIV/AIDS orphans (WIC)
MoH announces ongoing measures to forestall meningitis outbreak (WIC)
Government commited to prevent, contain malaria (WIC)
Bureau to undertake polio vaccination in border areas (WIC)
Ethiopia will achieve the MDGs as planned (MoE)
State allocates 33m to contain HIV/AIDS (WIC)
Rural towns and villages get access to automatic telephone line (WIC)
Care and support being given to HIV/AIDS victims in Amhara state (WIC)
SNNP state undertaking programs to address population explosion (WIC)
NGOs urged to contribute to development in Tigrai state (WIC)
Health projects to be executed in Oromia (WIC)
Ministry to launch nat’l youth anti-HIV/AIDS movement (WIC)

Over 140,000 children immunized against polio in B.G. state (WIC)

Amhara state to raise number of VCT centers to 180 (WIC)

Prizes awarded for best performance in the fight against HIV/ AIDS

Citizen called to take resove stance to contain spread of HIV/AIDS (WIC)

MoH Prepares to prevent birds flue (Oct. '05)

Over 16m children under five to be immunized against polio (Oct. '05)

Tigrai Health bureau to enhance health services (Oct. '05)

Government commited to implemeting HEP (Sept. '05)
  GFATM board has approved US$ 1.1 billion in new grants
Study reports that malaria vaccine candidate has promising safety, tolerability profile in infants
Defeating an ancient killer
Nigeria: Cheaper malaria drugs underway
Russia joins fight against African malaria
UAE to be named malaria-free
WHO releases new guidance on ITNs
4.5m Malawians suffer from malaria every year
Madagascar launches campaign to fight measles and malaria
Maternal mortality falling too slowly to meet goal
Donors provide US$ 9.7 Billion to the Global Fund
New standards for documenting health of children (WHO)
Malaria campaign making progress , says a report
A new initiative to address TB drug shortage
Malaria research booming but scientific and technical gaps apparent, a report shows
Distribution of malaria splits malaria fighters
A research provides new data on malaria vaccine
A reports urges more medicine for neglected and emerging infectious disease
Germany and Britain announce new international health partnership
British PM urges emergency action to meet MDGs
Clinton launches global ACT subsidy pilot in Tanzania
G8 summit agrees to increase funds to fight pandemics
Bedlam in the blood: Malaria
UNICEF donates anti-malarial drugs to Liberia
NYT urges readers to donate bed nets
Climate change and malaria in Nairobi
HIV prevalence declining in some African countries
Uganda to start DDT spraying in August
AMANET launches clinical trial of candidate malaria vaccine
Uganda: Chloroquine to be phased-out
Congress approves for increased find to PMI, GFATM
Millennium Promise & Malaria No More raise $2.7 million
US, GFATM collaborate to treat 1.6 million PLWHA
PMI & Malaria No More donate 500,000 bednets to Uganda
World Health Assembly closes, agrees on major issues
AIDS response still not enough (UN)
New guidelines issued on HIV testing, counseling
RBM sets financial target for 19 African countries
1.5m lives saved through GF support
RBM Board elects Dr. Tedros (Ethiopia) as the new chairman
Significant growth in access to ART in 2006
Climate change in Uganda (causes malaria increase)
New simple to use drug against malaria
The cost of achieving health related MDGs
GM mosquito 'could fight malaria'
New malaria drug target children
No. of people on ARV doubles with US, GF support
Stoping malaria before the bite
WHO asking a chinese co. to stop making drugs
GFATM funds delivered 18 million nets
President Bush hosts summit on malaria
WHO backs indoor use of DDT for malaria
Measles death decreases by 16% globally
Conference discusses situation of public-private partnership (PPP) in adult literacy
Decline in No. of PLWHA in some countries
New approach unveiled to treat neglected tropical diseases (WHO)
Has swaziland turned corner in the fight against AIDS? (IRIN)
African countries can eliminate malaria (XINHUA)
Ethiopia-advocacy partners conduct (malaria)journalists training
The Global Fund welcomes new initiative
Polio alert in four (South African) countries (IRIN)
Better use of Knowledge management and ICT in Africa important (WHO)
Lyme disease: The forgotten scourge of West Africa (IRIN)
(Uganda) HIV prevalence rates worry experts (all Africa)
Ethiopia among countries making fast progress in Education (WIC)
Female genital mutilation exposes women and babies to significant risk at childbirth
Avian flue contingen\cy plan approved, Ethiopia (IRIN)
Pastoral elders give first-hand account of their suffering (IRIN)
Global alliance to tackle health work force crisis
Call for "special approach" to address needs of children affected by HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria
AU, UN launch acceleration of HIV prevention in Africa
Global access to HIV therapy tripled in past two years (WHO)
Yale, Clinton Foundation, Ethiopian Health Ministry Forge Partnership
Malaria in Mauritius (IPS)
Measles deaths drop by nearly half
Bird flue confirmed in Niger, 3rd African country hit (IRIN)
Uganda: New malaria drug free (All Africa)
New malaria treatment guideline issued by WHO
New TB therapy offers potential shorter treatment
New malaria treatment annouced (NYT)
Ethiopia among six countries managing required GDP growth for MDG attainment (ECA)
New evidence of the effects of agro-ecologic change on malaria transmission (NCBI)
Nigeria to provide free ART next year (Reuters)
Africa faces severe (AIDS) crisis (UNAIDS)
Malaria experts from 10 countries attending training in Dar Es Salaam (Xinhua)
Malaria can be reduced by 75% within 10 years (GFATM)
Nearly half of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS (IRIN)
Global bid to halt polio spread to take another year (Sept. '05)
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