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Training of Health Extension Workers First Intake Assessment,
August 2005

The Center for National Health Development in Ethiopia (CNHDE), as part of its technical support to the Government in the implementation of the Health Extension Program (HEP), has conducted an assessment of the training of Health Extension Workers (HEWs) over the first intake period.

The objective of conduting this task was to assess the first year’s HEW training program in terms of its inputs, processes and impact in order to recommend improvements for subsequent trainings. The issues that were assessed are recruitment process and outcomes, adequacy of the curriculum, quality of the training process, perception of trainees, trainers and other stakeholders and needs for continuing education.

The lessons from this assessment can provide important information which can be used to develop and refine the program for future years. It is essential that a rigorous, professional assessment of the current program is undertaken in order to draw lessons for the future.

Summary of findings (pdf)  ‌    Full report ( pdf)   ‌    More on HEP

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