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Working Conditions of Health Extension Workers,
May 2006


The Center for National Health Development in Ethiopia (CNHDE), as part of its technical support to the Government in the implementation of the Health Extension Program (HEP), has conducted an assessment of the Working Conditions of the first batch of Health Extension Workers (HEWs).

The overall objective of this study is to assess the working conditions of the first batch HEWs providing service at the health posts. This study focuses on those deployed in early 2005 and have worked for over six months, with the overall objective ofassessing the working conditions of HEW and their job satisfaction.

The lessons from this assessment can provide important information which can be used to develop and refine the program for future years. It is essential that a rigorous, professional assessment of the current program is undertaken in order to draw lessons for the future.

Summary of findings (pdf)  ‌    Full report ( pdf)   ‌    More on HEP

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