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RBM Partners including SciDev Net, the Malaria Consortium and the Coalition Against Malaria in Ethiopia - a newly established local advocacy network - brought together 45 local and 2 visiting Kenyan journalists to undergo training to increase and improve their coverage of malaria issues.

Led by Louis da Gama and Julie Clayton, the training included site visits in the company of UNICEF's Regional Malaria Spokesperson and South African artist, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, UK MP Stephen Obrien and UK Peer, Nicholas Rea. Stephen O' Brien, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Malaria Group, and Lord Rea were invited by UNICEF to witness Ethiopia's progress in malaria control. Journalists completed their training by forming the first Journalist's Coalition Against Malaria in Ethiopia.



Malaria Prevention
How malaria epidemics and infections are being prevented

Malaria Treatment
The most common species and how patient get treated

Can I be protected against malaria?









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